Hi all,

as i received many questions on what to fill out for the Mintos suitability and appropriateness assessment, i’ve included my answers (correct per 30-6-2023) which unlock all Mintos features and allows you to invest unlimited amounts of money on the platform.

Financial situation

What are the main sources of the money you plan to transfer to your Mintos account? (Select 1-3)

Salary, Self-employed, Dividends and/or interest income

What’s your annual net income?

€70 000 – 149 999

What is your total net worth?

> €250 000

How much of your total net worth is in liquid assets?

10 % – 20 %


How would you compare the investment risk of one loan with a return of 12%, to another loan with a return of 8%?Edit

The risk is higher on the loan with a return of 12%.

What is your understanding of credit risk on Mintos?

The investor must check both the credit risk of the lending company and the borrower, even if the loan comes with a buyback obligation.

Which of these statements accurately describes the 60+ day buyback obligation?

The lending company is obliged to repurchase issued loans if borrower repayments are more than 60 days late.

Investing using Mintos Automated and/or Custom Automated strategies is considered a portfolio management service for Mintos clients. Which of the following statements is correct about portfolio management?Edit

Mintos does not provide portfolio management services; all client investments in financial instruments are the fulfillment of orders on behalf of the client.

Which of these statements is correct?

There’s a possibility that a borrower can repay the loan prematurely or that the loan will be extended. For these reasons, the expected cash flow from investments may change.

How would your return on a foreign currency loan investment change if the value of the foreign currency falls against your home currency?

The return on the investment would decrease in your home currency.


Do you have a higher education degree or a professional education certificate?Edit

Yes, in the field of economy or finance

Do you have experience working in the financial sector?Edit


How would you rate your knowledge about investing in loans?Edit

I have good knowledge

What is your experience investing in loans through lending platforms?Edit

More than 2 years

What’s your experience investing in bonds, preference shares, other fixed-yield debt securities, and bond ETFs?Edit

More than 2 years

What’s your experience investing in asset-backed securities?Edit

More than 2 years

What’s your experience investing in financial instruments not mentioned above?Edit

More than 2 years

Investment goals

What are your investment goals on Mintos?Edit

I want to greatly increase the value of my capital, and I accept substantial risk.

How long do you plan to hold your investments on Mintos?

More than 5 years

Which of the statements best matches your investment goals on Mintos?

To get above average return on investment, I am prepared to take on higher risks, even if that can result in loss of a significant part of the capital invested.

Imagine that due to adverse market conditions, the value of your total investment portfolio has fallen by 20% over the year. How would you react?

I’d accept the losses, as all investing includes the risk to lose all or part of the capital invested.